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Woman, You Are Not Infertile

    • Discover a series of powerful confessions that will empower you to see a full manifestation of your desires through God’s blessings.
    • Explore the scientific background for many of the most common infertility issues, including congenital disorders such as ovarian and hormone problems, Turner’s disease, womb and fallopian problems, and Atresia-knowing what science says helps to understand the word of the Lord that much more clearly.
    • Discover what the Bible offers to you…creative miracles are there for the taking, if only you ask and believe.
    • Learn how to read the powerful messages of scripture that explain how Christ’s miracles can touch your life, too.
    • Find out how to tap into the super abundant blessing that flows from Jesus Christ and his Father-if you dare invite Jesus into your life, there is not telling what He will do.
    • Discover how the Holy Spirit actively works in your life for your benefit…and how you can create a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit that will endow your life with rich and abundant blessings…including overcoming infertility
    • Find out how to receive the Holy Spirit into your life to recognize the full power and joy of the Holy Spirit’s blessings.
    • Uncover the spiritual truths about pregnancy when you have been considered “sterile,” science and the Bible differ considerably here…new life can be yours!
    • Husbands, learn what role you can play in the healing and health of your wife and unborn children through simple, loving, God-filled actions.
    • Learn how to trust the Word of God to override any situation, including hereditary birth defects.
    • Equip yourself with a spiritual “arsenal” filled with powerful, heartfelt prayers and confessions that will help you manifest the Lord’s desire for you and your family.
    • Discover the power of praise and worship-you can receive blessings from God that you would have never imagined possible before.


  • Unlock the mysteries of some of the most popular and timeless Biblical stories-you will be amazed at how the Bible speaks directly to your desire for children.
  • Learn how to lift up your voice in praise and prayer to God-even when you are facing seemingly impossible situations, God is there to help, heal, and raise you up.
  • Find all the spiritual tools you need to face your situation with a full heart and a dedicated spirit-with firm belief, you can confirm your truest hopes and wants.
  • Learn the “Prayer Points” that will help you to open your heart to the Lord and let Him hear your truest self and desire for a child.
  • And, so much more to heal and help you in every moment of your day and night…
  • Discover the secrets to overcoming female infertility, including damage that can occur to reproductive organs such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and the womb.
  • Identify the real causes of infertility in your life, so you can begin leading the family life you desire.
  • Learn how to pray so that God can give you the fullest desires of your heart.
  • Make sense of the Bible in a way that will make your heart dance with joy-God wants you to be happy, healthy, and with child
  • Understand how certain growths can affect your uterus and womb, including cysts, tumours, polyps, and cancer and see what the Bible has to say about these growths.
  • Discover a series of daily confessions that will help reveal your heart to the Lord and allow Him to bring the health and healing you desire into your life.
  • Find out the scientific causes of damage to the fallopian tubes, including inflammation or swelling, bacterial infections, endometriosis, and blocked tubes and see what the Bible has to say to help begin the healing process with your very first prayer.
  • Learn about common problems that affect the ovaries, including early or premature menopause, low hormone levels, and polycystic ovary syndrome-none of these issues are a real problem for Jesus Christ to heal…He is, after all, the sustainer and giver of life. Put your trust in Him in all that you do.
  • Discover how simple it is to put your complete trust in God-Ask and you shall receive!
  • Learn how to invite God into your marriage, your daily life, in ways that you never have before. You will be amazed at how fruitful such a blessed relationship can be.
  • Find out what the Bible says about secondary infertility-the inability to conceive when you have already given birth to at least one child-God’s promises to you are clearly stated and your children are God’s reward to you.
  • Discover the combined power of God’s word and the power of your own words to effect real change and fertile prosperity in your life.
  • See that the Word of God is the most potent remedy for all impossible situations.
  • Learn how to draw nearer to Jesus Christ so you can recognize and benefit from his life-giving blessings throughout each and every day.
  • Step forward in your path to abundant fertility with a collection of poignant prayer points that will allow you to speak your truest heart and desires to God.
  • And, so much more wealth of information and Biblical support to help you as you move forward…


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Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive? I also encourage the older woman to know that it is never too late with God. In the world today, the issue of childbirth for an older woman has become a very touchy subject. Many older women have medically been declared infertile and without God’s divine intervention face a life of childlessness. This may be because of their age or other factors that may have affected their fertility.

If this sounds like you, I encourage you to take a look at my book “Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive”.

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    • Bonus -Faith Message  By Pastor Veronica Anusionwu, On Practical Things To Do After You Have Read The Books (MP 3 Download)

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