Woman, You Are Not Infertile

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For your benefit, the following headlines should help you best advertise the product. For best results, the following headlines can be used:

  • On your Web site as a text link
  • As ads within ezines
  • As part of your signature file in e-mail, ezine articles, and discussion board postings

Feel free to mix and match these headlines to make them best fit your marketing needs.

Tired Of Your Doctors Telling You That You’re Infertile? You Can Have Children…It’s Your Birthright In Christ. Learn How To Confess Your Heart To God So That You Can Turn Your Dream Of A Family Into A Reality…

Finally, A Christ-Centered Fertility Book That Was Written With You In Mind. Learn Why God Guarantees Your Fertility. Groundbreaking New Book Reveals Everything You Need To Know About Opening Your Heart (And Your Womb) To The Lord!

Announcing a New Book That Shows You How Simple It Is To Escape Infertility—Sound Good To You? Discover How You Can Start Today.

Found: Pregnancy! Learn How Easy It Can Be To Show The Doctors They Were Wrong Today. Amazing New Scripture-Centered Book Shows You That God Wants To Bless You With a Child…And An Entire Family! What Are You Waiting For?

Thousands Of Happy New Parents Can’t Be Wrong! God Is The Answer To Your Infertility. Discover How Easy It Is To Become Pregnant Today.

Looking For An Alternative To Medicine To Treat Your Infertility? Turn To The Real Source…It’s All You Need…Learn How It Only Takes One Relationship To Realize All The Dreams You Have For Yourself And Your Family…

B-R-E-A-T-H-E. Ready For Your First Child, But Being Told That You Are Infertile? Discover A Timeless Secret To Ending Your Infertility With No Drugs Or Surgeries…Curious? Read On!

Discover The Latest Tool In Treating Infertility….It Might Surprise You To Know You’ve Had It All Along…Learn How To Use “It” To Make Your Dream Of A Rewarding Family All Yours! Don’t Wait!

Introducing A Revolutionary Way To Put An End To Your Infertility. New Prayer-Centered Book Allows You To See Firsthand How Miracles Are As Close As Your Next Conversation With God.

At Last: An Alternative To High-Priced Infertility Treatments. Let God Be Your Guide. New International Book Shows You How Simple It Is To Let God Reward You With The Children You’ve Always Wanted…

It’s Not Too Late! Will 2006 Be The Year You Get Pregnant? Don’t Let The Doctors Who Tell You You’re Infertile Get In Your Way. Take Back Your Life And Dreams Starting Today. New Fertility Book Shows You How With Step-By-Step Instructions To Fulfilling Your Childbearing Dreams.

Infertile? No, You’re Not! Despite What Your Doctors Are Telling You, Christ Wants Nothing More Than For You To Have The Family You Desire. Find Out How Here…

New Book By Veronica London, Founder Of The Lord’s Words on Healing Ministry, Shows You How God Wants To Bless You With The Children You Desire…Infertility Is No Obstacle To God…With Whom All Things Are Possible…Learn How To Allow Him To Bless You Today…

Why Settle For Infertility? Have The Family You Want AND Improve Your Entire Life…Making This Dream A Reality Is Closer Than You Think…

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There are few better ways to market your affiliate product than through e-mails. Personal, direct, and quick, e-mails assure you that you’re getting your word out to the people who are most likely to buy the product.

Please find a variety of sample e-mails to help get you started on your direct mail campaign.

Sample 1

Subject: Woman, Infertile No More…

Dear Friend,

If you have ever wondered if you would ever be able to have children, the time is now to find out. Discover how your desire to have children can still become a reality no matter what the doctors are saying with our new book offering, Woman, You Are Not Infertile .

Visit to find out why there is no better time to start the family you’ve always wanted than right now!

Hello, my name is Veronica London and today I invite you to come and partake of a great banquet prepared by almighty God. I have written a two-volume set of books that show how any woman—even if you’ve been told you’re infertile—can have the children they’ve always wanted.

The books I have written are offered as a prayer; the two-volume set has been born in the ovens of prayer. I have prayed, I have cried, and studied hard to be able to write this book.

I have received so many miracles already that if you will fix your faith, babies are going to just come—it will amaze you.

If you will dare to fix your faith (trust) in Jesus and His promise that is written for you, you will receive all your heart’s desire so that your joy may be complete.

I have written these books to bring you joy and happiness in your home because that’s what Jesus has commanded me to do. God has promised to bless you with all that you need so that your joy will be complete.

I have written all the Lord has told me to write to His beloved women and I stand upon these promises because Jesus Christ is no mere man. No mere human could promise to solve all the problems of the world. But in His promise that he is able to meet all our needs, he proves once and for all that He alone is the great creator of the Heavens and the earth and all that is in it.

If you’re ready to discover the joys of parenthood and want to leave conversations about infertility behind, then this is the only e-book you’ll ever need!

To learn more about this exciting e-book, visit

God Bless You,

Veronica London

Sample 2

Subject: Fertility Secrets Revealed!

Dear (First Name),

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to be able to prove your doctors wrong and to start the family you’ve always wanted without medicines, surgery, or discouraging news?

Discover the secrets to how you can finally have the family you want…and, more than that, learn why God actually wants to reward you with children.
Get started on your path to blissful parenthood today by visiting

Veronica London

Sample 3

Subject: Got God? Infertility No More…

Hi (First Name),

It’s not often that I take time from my busy schedule to endorse a book, but there are times when a book comes along that I just have to say a few words about. There are times when a book is written so well that I have to tell Christians and infertile couples everywhere about it. If you want to learn how to have the children you’ve always desired, “ Woman, You Are Not Infertile ” is hands-down the most superior book on the market today.

“ Woman, You Are Not Infertile ” is filled with page after page of information, resources, scripture-based truths, and more to help you make your pregnancy experience one of the best in your life. With every aspect of infertility covered, you won’t have to worry about hitting a dead end like you may have you’re your doctors—God wants to see your desires satisfied. His miracles await you. Because you can spend more time enjoying your renewed relationship with God than spending countless hours in frustrating doctor’s appointments, you’ll have an even more satisfying life experience. Highly readable, easy to digest, and inspirational for men and women alike, “ Woman, You Are Not Infertile ” is a great way to allow God’s blessings to enter your life and open yourself up to the family life He has in store for you.

To learn more visit

God Bless You,

Veronica London

Sample 4

Subject: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get Pregnant!

Tired of your doctors telling you that you can’t have children? It’s time to consider an alternative that will guarantee you the “results” you’re looking for.

Believe it or not, it’s never been a better (or easier) time to put an end to your infertility. And, to make it even easier, there’s now a guide to help you that will make it as easy as A, B, C!

Read “ Woman, You Are Not Infertile ” and you will find:

* Comprehensive and compassionate explanation of how the Bible can help you find the fertility and Christ-centered relationship you desire.

* Extensive review of all the steps you will need to take to welcome God’s miracles into your life. With recommendations for your specific infertility issue.

* Step-by-step instructions for the total Christ-centered healing experience; everything from how to confess your heart, how to turn to scripture for support, and how to manifest healing in your life.

* Detailed information on how to engage God to have Him bring abundant blessings into your life.

This is one book you can’t afford to pass on. To learn more information about this groundbreaking new book, “ Woman, You Are Not Infertile ,” visit

Sample 5

Subject: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Family Today!

At Last! Everything you’ll ever need to know to put an end to your “infertility” and begin your family starting today is now available in one blessing-packed, information-rich, inexpensive e-book!

To find out more about everything you’ll ever need to know to successfully start your family…even if your doctors have told you that you’re infertile, visit

Promotional Tools

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Classified Ads

Here are examples of classified ads you can use to advertise the product.

At Last! Everything You Need to Know to About Becoming Fertile is Revealed!

Wouldn’t It Be Great to be Able To Get Pregnant Right Now…Even If You’ve Had Fertility Problems Before? Find Out How Here!
Dreaming About Your Baby? Turn That Dream Into a Reality Here!
Dreaming About Your Baby? Turn That Dream Into a Reality Here!
There’s Never Been a Better Time to Let God Help You Get Pregnant! Find Out Why Here!
Feeling Depressed Because You Can’t Have Kids? Find Out How A Simple “Solution” Will Put An End To Your Infertility Forever!
Want to Learn How Prayer Can Change Your Life? Find Out How You Can Go from Infertile to Blissfully Pregnant in No Time at All!

Google Adwords Ads

Here are examples of Pay Per Click ads you can use to advertise the product.

Put An End To Infertility
New Hands-On Guide Covers
Everything You Need To Know!
Woman, You Are Not Infertile
Fertility Secrets Revealed!
Comprehensive New eBook Reveals
Fertility Secrets For Women!
Woman, You Are Not Infertile
Goodbye To Infertility!

Discover How You Can Be Blessed
With A Child In No Time!
Woman, You Are Not Infertile

Goodbye To Infertility!

Discover How You Can Be Blessed
With A Child In No Time!
Woman, You Are Not Infertile

Pregnant And Happy Now!
Discover the Secrets To

Becoming Fertile With God’s Help!
Woman, You Are Not Infertile

Pregnant And Happy Now!
Discover the Secrets To

Becoming Fertile With God’s Help!
Woman, You Are Not Infertile

Promotional Graphics

A picture speaks a thousand words, right? This is never truer than in advertising. Select from any of these ads to enhance your Web page and other promotional materials.