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vero1Veronica Anusionwu is a remarkable woman of God, who, seventeen years ago, made up her mind that she would serve Jesus Christ and hold fast to the Word of God. She has never looked back but has continually pushed forward towards the goal that He has set for her.

She is married to Chima Anusionwu and has two children, Sarah and Emmanuel. She is the founder of The Lord’s Word On Healing Ministries, which intends to inform everyone that God’s Word contains the solution to every sickness. She is the author of over twenty books.

God has used books like, “Choosing Your Baby’s Sex”, “Choosing Your Baby’s Name”, “Oh God Why All The Miscarriages?” And “Triumph Over Impotence” and her other books to help so many couples. She brings a medical background to sickness and then leads us to the Word of God, the Creator of man, who made every provision for him in His Word.

“It has never been the plan of God for man to suffer any form of sickness,” she declares.

Veronica Anusionwu has appeared on the BBC to share her knowledge of the healing gospel of Jesus Christ. She has been featured in many national newspapers.

TV Ministry: Recently she was invited by Sky Television to share on her book, Choosing Your Baby’s Sex. Her weekly TV Programme, “Healing for Today,” is now showing every tuesday@5.30 PM and Thursdays @ 8.30 am on the Faith Channel 593. She therefore invites you on a journey of faith and unfolding Biblical precepts which will change your life as you come in contact with her ministry and the life-transforming Word that the Lord has put in her mouth. May the Lord bless you in the name of Jesus.

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