1.Pastor Veronica Anusionwu with the TWINS! Our New Faith Clinic Babies!

Pastor Veronica Anusionwu with the TWINS! Our New Faith Clinic Babies!

Amazing Grace! ITS TWINS! TWIN GIRLS! What a mighty God we serve!


2. Glory Be To God I was Never Barren!

Dear Pastor

Herewith pictures of our beautiful princess Alyssia Marie. Thanks to the holy and mighty prayers you taught me I was able to conceive and have a blissful pregnancy and I am immensely grateful for having had you in my life at such a critical time.
You have taught me so much about the goodness of the Holy Spirit and the faithfulness of our Magnificent God; I will never find enough words to express my gratefulness. Thank you for all your books, amazing books, your love and prayers. To God be the glory I was never barren!!!!

With much love,

Aminata, Emmanuel and Alyssia Marie Ubalijoro

Alyssia Marie Ubalijoro

Aminata and Marie Ubalijoro

The whole family:Aminata, Emmanuel and Alyssia Marie Ubalijoro


3. We are Blessed with a baby boy using your book:“WOMAN, YOU ARE NOT INFERTILE”
Thank you Pastor Veronica, my husband and I have been married for 8 years. We had difficulties conceiving until I started reading one of your books, “WOMAN, YOU ARE NOT INFERTILE” we were introduced to it by our family friend David and Oumaki whom God also used your books to bless.

The book gave me hope and new courage. After three months of reading the book I was pregnant. God has done great things for us, we give him all the praise.

Our son is turning 1year on the 14 November 2012. His name is Onalerona “God is with us”. We thank God for your life and hope that you continue giving hope to many more couples. Tshidi (South Africa)

Onalerona Tshidi


4. Our miracle baby!

Greetings in the name of Jesus, Veronica! Just wanted to let you know that the little baby boy The Lord blessed us with turned 5 on yesterday. We give God all the glory every day, you prayed for us then and our heart’s desire is for a baby girl now. Please have your prayer partners praying for us…I am always encouraged by your emails.

He is the same God that when the doctor told me my fallopian tubes were bent, had scar tissue, endometriosis and cysts and that I would have to do invitro…God gave us that baby without invitro!

And also it was 7 months later, God’s number of perfection! GOD BLESS YOU VERONICA…and forgive me for not emailing sooner. I am sending a picture of Jaycee Jeremiah; he is every bit of what we prayed for glory to God!

Jaycee Jeremiah

(Picture) Wendy & Husband

5. it is indeed a testimony! After 5 years struggling, 5 years of crying every single month when that ugly red visitor arrived , I fell pregnant with my little girl. God is indeed faithful!I’ll NEVER forget your prayers for me when I was struggling to fall pregnant. My little girl turns 3 next month and I always think of you. You took me as your younger sister and encouraged me with the word of God when I’d lost all hope. May God continue to use you to bring hope to the thousands of women out there. You are loved and appreciated xxx Wendy

Wendy,s Baby



6. Dear Pastor Veronica, I want to testify for what God has done for me because He has proved to me that He is a God of miracle, He makes a way where there is no way for us as long as we believe in His words, His promises must surely come pass in our lives.

I waited on the Lord for almost five years for another baby after l had my first child but we had delay, we tried and tried it was not forthcoming. I and my husband went to see our doctor and we were asked to see a gynaecologist. We met with the gynaecologist and after discussing with us, he told me I was over weight, that he cannot do anything except I reduce my weight to a certain level, we left. There was a day I watched your programme on Wonderful television and the way you spoke gave me so much hope and encouragement.

So I had to order for your book ‘ Woman you are not infertile’ which really inspired me spiritually. To God be the Glory, in February 2009, miraclously, God blessed me with the fruit of the womb, praise be to his holy name, October 2009, l delivered a baby girl.

I just want to appreciate God because he has proved to me that He is a God that answereth prayer and I thank you Pastor Veronica for your good work and encouragement that you are giving women who are seeking for the babies that there is still hope with God who makes the impossibility possible in our lives.

May God in his infinite mercy continue to bless you for all the articles you have sent to me giving hope and encouragement.

Thank you,

Rosemary Ladipo



7. Judy & Pastor Veronica holding baby Jonathan our new faith clinic Baby

Pastor Veronica holding baby Jonathan our new faith clinic Baby

Judy shares her testimony how God blessed her with the fruit of the womb, using the book, “Man You Are Not Infertile” By Veronica Anusionwu. (On the video Page)

8. Dear Pastor Veronica,Thank you for your powerful ministry of showing forth the word of God so that women all over the world can receive the blessing of children. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 5 years.

Your books and words of encouragement and proof of GODs will for us concerning children in the bible, has strengthened our faith. All we truly needed was a word from GOD. Just one word. And that word has come to pass and now has become flesh.

We just found out this morning that we are pregnant! We know and believe that this pregnancy and labour will be glorious and wonderful. We thank you for your books and prayers and your passion to see the word of the Lord come alive in our lives. May Jesus continue to bless you as you bless others.

In HIS Love

Lynn – (43 years old)


9. Marianne writes:

Hello Sister, I bought your book woman you are not infertile weeks ago and started reading it. It was a great book and made me look at infertility in a different way. I am putting all my faith in God that he will lead the sperm to the egg. Tell me what I should do. Please pray for me.

15 June

Marianne Simon writes:

The book “women you are not infertile” really spoke to me. within 1 month of reading it, I became pregnant.

Marianne Writes:

Dear Sister. I tested positive on my pregnancy test. Praise the Lord. God has opened my womb. Please give me some prayers that I can say throughout my journey of my pregnancy.

Veronica Anusionwu 13 December 2010 at 13:21 Writes to Marianne:

Praise God! I am happy to hear what God has done. I knew he had done it for you. Please get my book secrets to a blissful pregnancy at http://www.lwhpublications.org/books.html

This is what you need. You can also get our healing oil and the anointed oil book. This will help you stay in faith and good health throughout your pregnancy. Congrats and much love from me



10. Subject: Thank You……. Veronica

Christina writes July 11, 2011 at 6:47 am

I got married Jan,2007.After seven months of marriage, my husband and I finally decided that we were ready to welcome a new member in our family, but never knew that it will be so hard, what seems to be so simple.

Then by the year 2010 after months of trying and getting no results, even after we both being medically fit. There were times when I used to cry and beg Almighty for a baby. Then one day I came across this site and the question itself really touched me, “Have You Asked God Yet to Bless You With A Baby?”I realized that the way I was praying was not enough and I started praying regularly every day, Veronica your prayer and asked God to OPEN MY WOMB. This was in the month of May 2010.

The prayer worked as a miracle as I confirmed my pregnancy in the month of July 2010.I thank you for being there and helping me to reach God for this special gift of a child. I am blessed with a healthy son who is four months old now. May Almighty bless you and the great work that you are doing. Thank you Lord for giving me this joy. Christina



11. Helen, pastor Veronica holding baby Kelly Payne (Listen to Helen,s testimony on the video page)

Multiple fibroids, cyst and endometriosis and failed IVF treatment could not stop God’s hand in my life. Today I am a happy mother to baby Kelly. (Mrs Helen Payne)

Baby Kelly Payne

Pastor Veronica holding baby Kelly Payne



12. “I got pregnant in September. It was a miracle”

” Hi Veronica….. I read your book five months ago – in August. Your book touched me so much and i followed the things that suited me. And I got pregnant in September. It was a miracle. (I’ve been trying for 3 and half years) Your book had inspired me to believe that things would happen for me and GOD would bless me. I am four months pregnant now and am due in May 2006, I’m interested to buy your book Secrets To A Blissful Pregnancy And Pain Free Childbirth. Please help me to get a copy of this book that I would keep it as a memory forever.Thank You

Regards Sheetal



13. After 6 years of marriage and no pregnancy imagine my joy when I saw Pastor Veronica on the TV sharing her miracle books and testimonies!

After 6 years of marriage and infertility imagine my joy, when, I saw Pastor Veronica on the TV sharing her miracle books and testimonies. I immediately called her and the following morning I was in her office. I told her my plight and asked her to agree with me for God to take infertility from my life.

After a few minutes with her I felt peace in my heart and knew immediately God had answered me. I bought her books, healing oil and sowed a seed of faith into her great work to show God I meant business. Less than two months after our meeting I became pregnant. Imagine my joy and happiness. Then at the 3 months checkups they told me the baby will be deformed that I needed to abort.

Baby Beauty Jimson


I called Pastor Veronica and told her this development. She said to me, “Vero, if you want to stand on God’s word and trust God, I will stand with you and you will have a perfect baby!. I agreed with her and told my doctor “NO abortion.”

Pastor Veronica underlined some bible promises from her book, Secrets To A Blissful Pregnancy And Pain Free Childbirth, and we started using these promises of God praying over my pregnancy. Every day for the remaining months of my pregnancy. She called me every morning at 6 am and prayed with me, speaking Gods promise over my pregnancy.

When the day of delivery came, I want into the labour room and delivered a healthy baby GIRL! Not one spot or blemish on her skin. Pastor Veronica is a true woman of God. She loves and loves and never stops giving. My family is ever grateful to God for this great gift to the world.

Yes Pastor Veronica Anusionwu is a gift to the world. God’s word is powerful and mighty and if you do not meet the right person to help you in time of need you may suffer and lose out in life, not knowing how to use Gods word effectively. But by the wisdom God gave her, she taught me how to use Gods word and I overcome what would have been a great loss in my life. Please if you are having any challenges in this area, talk to her, buy her books and partnership with her ministry. sow seeds of faith for what you are beliving God for and whatever she tells you do, do it in faith. The word of God in her mouth is TRUTH!

Each time I look at my baby I give all glory to God for all he has done for me. I give Him thanks also for Mrs Veronica Anusionwu. For her great work and dedication to men and women looking for the fruit of the womb. Thank you great Jesus –Amen!

Mrs V Jimson



14. Subject: God Did It For Me

After my second baby I soon realized I was having problems conceiving again. I desired another child and after years of trying I knew something was wrong.

I turned to God for help. Based upon his word in Deuteronomy 7:13, that he will bless me and multiply me and bless the fruit of my womb. And that none will be barren among his people. I started praying in faith and putting God in remembrance of his word. Within a few months I conceived.

I know Gods word works. If you put your faith in it and trust Gods word it will work for you. God loves to bless his people. Veronica, thank you for the great work you are doing. God is using you to wipe away tears in the eyes of many hopeless couples with the work you are doing.

I am blessed by your ministry. I am a happy mother of children. God will truly use you to do more for his people. Dorah



15. Tolu and Pastor Veronica holding Teromi, Susan’s son! On his first birthday!

After so many years of miscarriage God Almighty did it for Susan. Listen to her testimony on the video page. Pastor Veronica holding Teromi, Susan’s son!




16. God did It For me at 49

At the age of 49 my doctor told me I had only one abnormal egg in my womb. My chances of having a child with my own eggs were zero and age was not on my side.

When he gave me this report, anger came up inside of me. I turned and said to him, My God will help me! I will have my own baby.

I did not know what I was going to do. When I got home that day I prayed and asked God to give me a child.

Two months later I helped a lady deliver her baby. This lady was a personal assistant to Veronica Anusionwu. As we chatted I told her I had no child. She told me about Veronicas work with women and about the book “Who Said You are Too Old to Conceive?”

I quickly called Veronica and ordered the book. She also prayed with me and told me, “Just believe in that book and do all it says. You will see God’s goodness.”

I read the book and followed all it said and in four weeks I got pregnant. When the doctor confirmed I was pregnant I screamed and then went out and called Veronica Anusionwu.

My pregnancy went well. I stayed close to Veronica throughout my pregnancy. She prayed with me all the time and was with me till I put to bed a baby girl.

The book “Who Said You are Too Old to Conceive?” is a good book. If you follow the information contained in it, I do not see why you can not get the same result I got. Gods Word will do you good. Emily.

Emilia with My friend Elizabeth holding baby Veronica Sam!

Pastor Veronica holding Baby Veronica Sam!

Sam & Emilia & Pastor Veronica with Baby Veronica Sam




17. No More fibroids in my womb!

Hi Veronica, praise GOD I have got good news for you. I decided to stay off the medications and take God’s word, for two days as you advised. I went back to see the Doctor, and there are no fibroids in my womb. My placenta is fully developed and my baby is fine. GOD is so good. I am so happy for this good news. God bless Veronica for your love and prayers. Mrs. Vivian John


18.Veronica, Your books are so amazing I thank God for you. I live in Zimbabwe is there a place where we can buy your books coz they are truly a blessing.

I read woman you are not infertile when I was believing God for a baby and to the Glory of God that same month I got pregnant, I praise my God and I pray that God will continue to use you in a mighty way. There are a lot of people I know who have the problem of infertility and if I know where to buy your books in this place it will be a blessing for them.

Stay blessed

From Sylvia



19. Elizabeth writes:Subject: testimony

Praise the LORD

My name is Elizabeth. I got information about the book “Winning In Life Through The anointing oil” through a television program. I bought the book and I got anointing oil through mail from Pastor Veronica.

I prayed according to that book. I got pregnant in september2008. Baby is due on June 2009. I am so happy now.

I got pregnant after two years of married life. THANK YOU LORD. I give thanks to you to Veronica for this beautiful book. I bought another book BLISSFUL PREGNANCY AND PAIN FREE BIRTH.

It is helping me now to enjoy my pregnancy. If you are pregnant please buy this book. It will really help you. Thank you very much pastor Veronica. Elizabeth



20. Jean & Family


Jean testimony-God gave me the Baby through His Word!

While attending the Morris Cerrulo Conference in London I bought one of Veronica Anusionwu’s books, that talks of healing through the anointing oil. At first I was a bit skeptical, as I had never heard of the anointing oil, let alone how to use it. Never-the-less I began to read the book and started to practice using the anointing oil.

The Lord showed up mightily for me, as a few months later I got married and was expecting our first child. However I was in and out of hospital, this is when I phoned Sister Veronica from the hospital and told her what had happened. She prayed for me and advised me to use the anointing oil and confess the word of God daily until my breakthrough had come.

I began to use the anointing oil together with the word of God while I was in hospital. I used the “Secrets To A Blissful Pregnancy And Pain Free Childbirth” by Pastor Veronica Anusionwu and I began to stand on the promises of the Lord concerning children and I began to confess his word. It was not easy, as I was in pain. I continued to do so regardless of what I could see in the natural. I remembered James 5:16 ‘The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much’. Soon the pain left and my baby settled down.

I carried my baby to full term, and had a healthy baby boy. The Lord is MIGHTY, surely ‘though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me’. The Lord is faithful, all we need to do is to open up our hearts and believe. The blood that was shed on the cross of calvary by the Lord Jesus, was truly for us. I encourage anyone today facing challenges in their life, to hold on to the word of the Lord. The battle truly is not ours, but his. HE IS WORTHY.


21.My wife and I want to thank God again for you and all that you have done for us

My wife and I want to thank God again for you and all that you have done for us. Attached is the evidence of God’s miracle working power .God is a good God.

Emmanuel is today 14days old and he looks 3months old.He is healthy and a blessing of the Lord.

There is nothing wrong in him, he is blessed.

Pastor we rejoice and are eternally grateful to God for what He has done.

We will be sowing our seed of thanksgiving shortly and may God bless you and the books that you write.

My wife is very excited, there are no words to describe what we feel at the moment. To God be the Glory forever more In His service, Mr And Mrs David Segakweng

Picture BABY Emmanuel Segakweng

(Picture) Mrs David Segakweng Looking good in her pregnancy!

Mr And Mrs David Segakweng looking romantic before baby Emmanuel




22. Dearest Pastor Veronica,

Thank you and God bless you. I want to express myself to you, but I find my words are less. I am praying and asking God to bless you with abundance and in a great and grand way. You are a GIFT of God to the world!

First time in my entire married life at age of 46 years I received a Positive Pregnancy Test. Today I checked my blood and urine report and I am enclosing the same for you to see. I thank you for your prayers and the miracle God has performed in my life. Thanks be to God for the book, “Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive” I am continuously praising and thanking God Almighty for this mighty miracle.

Please continue to pray for me I love you with the Love of Jesus Christ –

(Mary Abraham)


23. Kelly & GeorgeIt was on the 1st of April 2007 that we meet Pastor Veronica at wonderful TV studio. After we explained to her the medical situation which had to do with my husband George she prayed and agreed with us. We also ordered the books, man and woman you are not infertile. We used Gods word faithfully for two months and conceived a child even though we had been told this was not possible. Today we have a beautiful daughter and we thank pastor and give all the glory to Jesus for what he has done for us. Amen!



24. Mrs T Akwari looking Good in her pregnancy. Listen to her testimony on the Video Page!

God’s Word Has Done Me Good!

After 3 boys I thought getting pregnant will be easy for me. We desired another child and we started trying for almost two years without success.
One day the Lord spoke to me. “Just because you are one of the ministry team does not mean you will not do what the women coming to the faith clinic are doing, read the book “Woman You Are Not Infertile” and do what it says and you will conceive”. I obeyed God’s voice and three months later I conceived. “God’s word is true and has enough power to bless us if we will do what it says”. Mrs Tolu Akwari

This is Tolus Baby



25. Ruth Writes:

Hello pastor veronica, it is Ruth. I just wanted to testify because God has answered my prayers.

I contacted pastor veronica 6 months after I had a miscarriage, also doctors told me I had polycystic ovaries syndrome. When I saw pastor veronica on the Christian channel I called her and ordered a few of her books. She has been very supportive and often would encourage me that God never fails to fulfill his promises and that I should continue reading the books and praising Him no matter what. Six month after I contacted her I became pregnant; I praise God for this miracle.

Now five months pregnant I know that what God has started he will complete it because He is faithful. Nothing is too hard or difficult for our Heavenly Father. Bless be His Holy name. Pastor Veronica is a true woman of God. So kind and patient and full of God’s love. Thank you pastor for all you did for me and my family. Only God can pay you back and he will surely do it! Thank you Ruth.


26. The doctor said it could not happen, But I am pregnant by using The word of God to Pray!

The doctor said it could not happen. When he found scar tissue, endometriosis, three cysts sitting on my fallopian tubes causing them to bend.  The only solution offered me to have a baby was Invitro. Thank God for the book “Woman You are not infertile” and Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive? I leaned towards God’s promises and I started calling those things that are not as though they are-well. Praise the Lord there is a baby there! Look at the scan and show it to the world.

Baby Jacee & dad

Baby Jacee



Celia Guidroz & Baby Jacee


Everything seems to be going just fine! Jaycee is growing at the right speed and we got to see the heart beat! How great is our God! What man couldn’t do God did! Glory to God! Love you all Jason and Celia Guidroz



27.Linda Immanuel writes

My friend brought me to see Pastor Veronica when I was believing God for a baby. Pastor recommended 3 books, woman you are not infertile, and man you are not infertile and the book, “winning in life through the anointed oil” and some healing anointed oil.

I bought all she recommended went home and read the books and anointed my womb everyday as she told me. Imagine my joy when I discovered the following month that I was pregnant.

Pastor thank you very much for your love and support. May God increase you more and more in Jesus name! Linda Immanuel



28.Baby BOY Blessing for Rakim and Chika Chimereze Okoro – Rakim holding baby Emmauel

Pastor, God has done it for us. We stood upon His word as you wrote in your book, “choosing Your Baby’s Sex” and God has given us a baby BOY Today! All glory and praise to God. Thank you so much for your love and support and patience with us. God will never fail to reward you for such good works. Rakim and Chika.

Baby BOY Blessing for Rakim and Chika Chimereze Okoro -Baby Emmanuel

Chika holding baby Emmanuel a new addition to the faith clinic miracle babies!



29. All Glory To GOD!

Due to an ectopic pregnancy my fallopian tube was removed. I bought Veronica Anusionwu books, that talked of healing through the anointing oil and woman you are not infertile. As I read the book and started to practice using the anointing oil, the Lord showed up mightily for me.

The doctors had written me off, and my heart hurt so much, four months later I began to feel sick, and went to see the doctor, who suggested a pregnancy test. I thank God because the pregnancy test was positive. What the doctors said was impossible, became possible with God. Look at my miracle baby now.

The books of Veronica Anusionwu are anointed by God. I encourage anyone facing challenges in their life, to hold on to the word of the Lord in these books. The battle truly is not ours, but his. We must fight the battle clearly and wisely and follow clear directions. The books will direct you. HE IS WORTHY, I thank Him. Maureen Eje


30.God’s Word Has Done Me Good!

After 3 boys I thought getting pregnant will be easy for me. We desired another child and we started trying for almost two years without success.

One day the Lord spoke to me. “Just because you are one of the ministry team does not mean you will not do what the women coming to the faith clinic are doing, read the book “Woman You Are Not Infertile” and do what it says and you will conceive”. I obeyed God’s voice and three months later I conceived. “God’s word is true and has enough power to bless us if we will do what it says”. Mrs Tolu Akwari



31. God has done it for me

Picture (Joshua Chukwuebuka)

I flew in from the USA to attend your faith clinic and I want you to know God did not disappoint me. Look at my baby and see what God has done for me! Praise The Lord. Veronica,s books are anointed by God. I have all of them. If you have not read her books, I encourage you to. Your life will never be the same. I will keep on supporting your great work. Please receive my seed with thanks giving. Mrs A. Elechi


32.Your books are very powerful! They help during pregnancy!


Hello pastor Veronica I am emailing you just to let you know that your books are very powerful. They help during pregnancy but at the same time help to understand things that happened in the everyday life. Look at my baby now and encourage everyone in the faith clinic to hold on to Gods word. Thank you so much and Stay blessed in Christ -Grace Rope


33.it is done in JESUS name!

I attended the faith clinic last year in faith after one of my friends invited me. Before this time I have been trying for 3 years to get pregnant. I had even undergone IUI treatment which failed.

Before attending the clinic I bought Pastor Veronica’s books and her “Missing Keys to Your prayers” Faith Clinic DVDs. I listened to them again and again for one month and then attended the faith clinic. On that day, Pastor preached a message from the bible called “it is done.” I left the faith clinic that day convinced that God had done it for me. And to the glory of God it was true. By the end of the following month I was pregnant. Mrs Nketchi Orge



34.(Picture) Mary

Hello Ma, happy new from and my family. I had a baby boy last Wednesday. We have been discharged and doing well. I just want to thank u for your books, support and prayers. May God replenish and reward you for your good work. Mary

This Is Mary’s Baby




35.Baby Victor born 23rd September 2010

Hi Veronica,

Just wanted to let you know that I had a healthy baby boy on September 23rd! His name is Viktor. Attached I am sending a picture taken recently. He is our gift from God and we are grateful for this victory!

I thank God that I found you last year…your books were a great eye opener and made me realize the power of God’s Word. Thank you for your prayers!

Love, Mathea



After years of trying to conceive God has done it!

Dear Pastor Veronica,

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for some years without result. We began infertility treatments which never worked as well. I somehow came upon you web page searching the Internet.
After reading your testimonies I ordered and read your book “Woman, You Are Not Infertile” and Who Said You Are too Old to Conceive. After reading your books I discontinued infertility treatment and stood on the promises of the Lord’s Word.
I have just found out I am pregnant! Pastor that means I got pregnant after standing on God’s Word for just two month. His Word is true! Thank you for revealing his promises to me and my family. May God continue to use more for his glory. Your books are anointed by God. May He use you more in Jesus name. (Mrs. Tina Denny) Canada




37. Irene and her precious son Zac, one of our Faith Clinic Miracle babies! He is NOW A Big Boy!Listen to Irene’s testimony on the video testimony PAGE!

Baby Zac And Pastor Veronica Anusionwu, one of our Faith Clinic Miracle babies! He is NOW A Big Boy!

Pastor Veronica Anusionwu, Irene And Her Son Zac one of our Faith Clinic Miracle babies Now a big BOY! Praise & Glory be to God!



38. Hello Pastor Veronica

I came to the faith clinic and you prophesied and said that I would have twins. I conceived twins in July this year but unfortunately lost one. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and elated. God Bless your ministry, your books  and all the good work you are doing at the faith clinic. Sis Sharon Anderson from Croydon


39. My son was born 25 weeks premature. He was in the hospital incubator for many months. One day the doctor called me from the hospital and wanted me to come immediately. When I got to the hospital they told me they were going to switch off the machines. They also wanted to call the priest to give my baby the last rites because they had given up all hope of the baby living. I called Sister Veronica and told her what the doctor said. She told me to hold on because she was coming. She arrived at the hospital within the hour. We went into the nursery where the baby was and we prayed over him. Sister Veronica anointed the baby with the anointing oil and declared that the baby will “not die but live.” The change was immediate, and that same night the baby was taken off the danger list. My son is alive today and growing stronger every day. I also thank God for my wonderful friends that stood in prayer with me during this time of great trial. If you are facing an impossible situation, trust in God and believe his Word, it can never fail you. Sister Veronica’s anointing oil is so powerful. I always took my anointing oil bottle every time I went to her home, for her to give me some of her oil to anoint my baby. This was so helpful to me. (Mrs. CA London)




40. Selby & Pastor Veronica Anusionwu  holding Baby Jonathan

God is a good God. After many years of infertility God has blessed me with my own

baby. God is so good and the books Pastor Veronica has written are a tower of strength in the time of need! Get these books, partnership with her and support her work.Trust Gods word and just watch and see what God will do for you! Selby

Selby And Baby Jonathan


 41.Praise God for his mercies endures forever

I had my first daughter immediately after my wedding in 2007. I started planning for the second child immediately I had gone back to work in order to have them close together. I tried for 6 months, nothing happened and then 18months nothing seems to happen. I started to get worried, so I sought medical intervention. My G.P ran all the necessary tests and could not find anything wrong with me. I find the whole process very frustrating because anything I wanted through prayer, fasting and sowing seed, God answers me. However, in this case it was not happening so fear and doubt begin to fill my mind. I was losing hope that I might not have more children. I was then referred to fertility clinic where they claimed that they found one the tubes not patent. I was recommended to start iui treatment which failed. We then decided to try Ivf which was my only hope. So I rushed into it which also failed. My whole world fell apart and I was beginning to believe that my hope of having more children had gone after almost 3 years of trying. After 5 months of ivf, I spoke to a sister about what I was going through. How everyone was asking when am I having another child and how frustrating it was for me having to deal with. She prayed with me and introduced me to pastor Vero. I did not hesitate in calling her and I explained my journey to her. She recommended that I get the book who said you are too old to conceive and she prayed for me. I read and followed the book with faith. Praise God I am now a mother of two!!!!. Pastor Vero I pray that God will continue to use you mightily in Jesus name Amen. Nketchi

Picture: Nketchi and Pastor Veronica And new baby

Pastor Veronica Anusionwu holding the new baby! Another Special Faith Clinic Baby! All glory to our GOD!

3.Pastor Veronica Anusionwu, sister Tolu and the new BABY yesterday! All glory to our God!



42.Veronica I am PREGNANT with TWINS!!! God is wonderful!!! Sorry we haven’t spoken recently, but I wanted to give you the glorious news!!! Thank you for all you have done, Love, Renee



43. After 15 Years of infertilty God has done it for me!

I am so happy to share with the whole world what God has done for me. I have been married for 15 years without any pregnancy – until I saw Veronica’s books on the internet. I quickly bought “Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive?” After reading the book I discovered I was not praying Gods word properly. I changed my prayer pattern and got pregnant immediately. After a few weeks I miscarried. I was devastated and I called Pastor Veronica.

She encouraged me and told me to continue using my book as before. Not to stop using it. She encouraged me not to mourn but to praise God and tell him I trusted Him. I did this in obedience and faith and got pregnant again quickly. I am almost due now and I just want to thank God for what He has done in my life.

I also thank God for this wonderful ministry and what Pastor Veronica is doing to help so many people facing challenges in this area.

For all the women out there believing God for this gift, do not give up, God will do it. Trust Him and buy Veronica’s books. They will help you build faith and teach you how to use Gods word properly in prayers. I will always support your great work Pastor. Thank you for allowing God to use you to give me this priceless gift. Mrs Catherine Atongno



44.God gave Me a baby after a cyst & miscarriage!

After a miscarriage and a cyst operation I became infertile for three years. Chinese medical and herbal doctors treated me. It was all in vain. I came across Veronica’s website and ordered all her books. I read and prayed God’s word. Eight weeks later I conceived. Just look at me now with baby Eunice. Surely God is great!

Hsiao & husband with baby Eunice


Pastor Veronica shares about her journey of faith with Hsiao

Hsiao is one of my most amazing faith clinic testimonies. When she found the promises of God she turned her back on everything and just trusted Gods word 100 percent. She bought all my books and chewed the promises of God that within weeks she had conceived. During her pregnancy some negative reports showed up she just chewed them up with Gods promises once again. I enjoyed walking the journey of faith with her and helping her all the way to embrace her baby. I am happy today she is a happy mother of two children! What a faithful Father we serve. No matter what you are facing today, trust Gods word and it will never fail you.



45. PREGNANT! After years of doom & gloom from the doctors

Thanks To Veronica Anusionwu and her beautiful books “Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive? And “Woman, You Are Not Infertile” – I am pregnant. My husband and I endured years of infertility treatments, disappointment and heartache. When doctors gave up on us, I was devastated. I came across Veronica’s book and felt that she wrote it just for me. She understands a woman’s primal desire for a child. Her words and scripture passages filled me with confidence in The Lords’ plan us and with confidence in the abilities in the body that God gave me. Veronica says that the Lord loves us and we don’t have to do anything to become pregnant other than put our faith in Him. This came as a great relief as I had tried EVERYTHING, from aggressive fertility treatments & acupuncture to dramatic diet and lifestyle changes which left me feeling lethargic and depressed and constantly reminded me that I was “infertile.” Veronica tells us that the Lord can’t wait to bless us with children if only we will open our hearts to him. I began to recite some of the prayers and WAS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED TO DISCOVER I WAS PREGNANT WEEKS LATER! Truly, I have not had my monthly cycle since picking up Veronica’s book. Read Veronica’s book, BELIEVE in her words and BE BLESSED! IT WILL HAPPEN! Ellen (USA)

This is Ellen’s baby












46. I received this picture with much joy. Our faith clinic baby Eunice and her brother all grown up and looking sweet. What a mighty God we serve!

This is Eunice and her brother at 2 years old!

This is Eunice and her mum as a baby!

This is Eunice and her whole family! Our God is good, he will do it for you too if you are thanking him for such blessing! Praise the Lord!



47. Yolanda Blessings

Praise the Lord!! I’m pregnant! All glory to God!!!!! Blessed by this ministry.

Veronica Anusionwu on Yolanda,s Pregnancy

Yolanda blessing you are a woman of faith. You never stopped speaking Gods word! You never stopped listening to your faith clinic massages. You never stopped! You kept on saying it is done even on days when all looked hopeless in the physical.

I remember you calling me to say, Oh my period just came again and I said to you “praise God for the period,” but keep saying I am pregnant! Many women are trusting God for this kind of miracle- Your testimony will encourage them to know that we must keep speaking Gods word even when all circumstances say “NO” we must speak our faith, for faith in God’s word never fails! I rejoice with you and your family! BIG HUGS!


48.The Lord Answers Prayers

I was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tube and told to consider IVF if I wanted a child. Then I came across the book, Woman, You Are Not Infertile by Veronica Anusionwu. From the moment I started reading it I knew infertility was a thing of the past in my life. All the fears I had left me and the promises of God brought me faith and joy. I am so glad that I had so much faith in God’s word as written in Woman, You Are Not Infertile. Unknown to me I was pregnant when the hospital called me to say, they were now ready to flash my fallopian tubes. I spoke to my husband and he said I should go since we had been waiting for the appointment for a long time.

But I had faith in the book, Woman; You Are Not Infertile and knew if I could not get pregnant with the information in that book, no man alive could do it. I stood my faith and said NO to the appointment.

At the end of that month I discovered I was pregnant. Imagine if I had gone to flush my tubes? My baby would have been flashed away. Look at her and help me praise the Lord. God’s word has made me to become a happy mother of my own child. Thank you Lord. Amen!

Duduzle Ncube



49. God Is More Than Able!

This is Veros Daughter Renee holding her cousin



This is the picture of my daughter; she is a big girl now. The Lord blessed me with this child in his mighty power. I first saw Pastor Veronica on the TV sharing about her work and the entire things the Lord was doing in her ministry. I called her and went to visit her and bought some of her books. I also sowed seeds of faith into her work. Within weeks I became pregnant. I had been praying for about five years thinking God was not hearing me, not knowing I was just praying in ignorance of the promises of God.
When I want for my 1st scan I was told the baby was not growing and I needed to terminate the pregnancy. I called Pastor Veronica and told her everything the doctor said. In her usual way, she said to me, “do not agree to terminate- your baby is fine. Well I went straight to her again and she prayed for me and put a prayer plan in action. Every day, she called me and prayed with me and spoke the promises of God into my baby’s life. As you can see my baby was born healthy. God’s word did it for me.
Pastor Veronica Anusionwu, thank you for just being there and being a true child of God. This woman of God is real. Help her in her work. Support her and listen to what she tells you. My husband and I love you beyond words and we thank you in Jesus name. Mrs Veronica Odige

This is Veronica




50. Within one month God did it!
We all hope to get married one day, start a family, and have children. But is it that easy to have children whenever we want to? This is my story on how God touched my life with a child. We got married in 2008 and thought we will give it a year before we tried for a child.
However there were pressures from my in-laws to have kids sooner, and they were concern whether I had a problem. All this gave me pressure and it started to concern me. To please my in-laws, I went for a check-up and the doctor gave me a list of test to be done. I was sad about with what was happening.
I browsed the internet one day and came across Veronica Anusionwu book titled “Woman, You Are Not Infertile”. I was a bit sceptical to buy the book at the beginning, but something told to me buy it. I bought the book and started reading it and praying. In one month of reading the book, I conceived. I felt so blessed. Mr & Mrs Paul, India.



51. Pastor Veronica attending the delivery of Baby Veronica Sam


52.Woman You Are Not Infertile Did It For ME

I prayed for years to have a baby without result. One day I saw Pastor Veronica in our church and bought her book, woman you are not infertile. This book showed me the truth that God is ALIVE! After reading the first two chapters of the book, I looked for the devil of infertility to tell HIM HE IS A LIER but he was long gone. Yes, the truth brings freedom and that’s what the book, woman you are not infertile did for me. God is indeed the Almighty. What mighty revelations in this book. The rest is history. This is the picture of my son. Thank you Veronica for writing this book. God bless you and your family. Mrs Mercy Ekwa



53. Praise the Lord I am PREGNANT!
Pastor Veronica, praise the Lord. I didn’t think it had happened and was despairing- but it has and I am PREGNANT! It happened so quick in the end. I am due beginning of November 2011. I am still trying to get used to the idea! Thank you for your “CD” missing keys to my prayers and your books and your powerful prayers”. I will be recommending your books to my friends. Thank you Lord Jesus that I am now a mother of 2 children. Thank you Veronica for being a vessel through which He can reach folks like me. Mrs JC



54. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Jenny & Her Baby

I came in contact with Pastor Veronica via the internet when I had just lost my newborn after three days in 2009. I was searching for answers and hope which I found on her website. I later spoke with her and got her books and DVDs which became a lifeline of support, encouragement and hope to me. I learnt so much from Pastor Veronica and even grew more as a Christiania as I digested every word in her books and DVDs and set myself ready to conceive again. Within a short time I did.

The enemy tried many times to put fear in me but by the grace of God, he was defeated. I continued in the word and praise as Pastor Veronica taught me and had a great pregnancy. On I9th Dec, 2011 we welcomed our bundle of Joy, a bouncing baby boy! I call him my blessing from God, my good and perfect gift.

I want to encourage everyone not to lose hope. Our God is able and faithful. Get Pastor Veronica materials and digest it, don’t let go till u see your heart desire. Anything is possible.

God is using Pastor Veronica Anusionwu to restore dignity to women, so take advantage of it and let Him make your life colourful. God bless you. Jenny Okeke



55. Dear Sis. Veronica, I just want to thank you for all your words of encouragement and your YouTube videos. I think it was your faith that boosted mine when I had been told that I had endometriosis and I was infertile, I began to pray and quote the scriptures you suggested and now I have 2 beautiful babies, born 17 months apart.

Thank you for your faith and for all you do for the Lord, and please never stop encouraging women who the world or doctors have said will never have children because God’s word is stronger. My first son they actually said was not alive while he was in the womb and God brought him back to us the next day, he did not have a heart beat for one whole day. Thank you so much again, and thank you is not even enough. God Bless you today and always dear Sister.
love, Sara Frayer Shahid

Sarah princess! What a beauty!

Sarah,s precious son, a miracle from our Lord Jesus Christ.


56. Gwen

Baby Gwen amazing miracle baby from the Lord! Look at the PEACE On her face. The peace of God will never cease in your life daughter in Jesus name!




57. Thank you Veronica for your book “Who said you are too old to conceive”.
I would like to thank you for Veronica’s book “Who said you are too old to conceive”. After trying to be pregnant for three years and had one misscarriage, I finally got pregnant as soon as I picked up the book at 41 years old. I had visited some IVF doctors who put fear into me saying that I only had 5% chance of getting pregnant due to my age. However, I refused to get into IVF because I wanted to have a baby in a natural way.

I also thank you for Veronica’s book “The secrets to a blissful pregnancy and a painfree delivery”, it accompanied me in my journey of pregnancy. I am grateful that I had a painfree and quick delivery with no pain killing drugs required. I almost had to go for a c-section due to the baby turned back from head down position to sideway in my last week of pregnany. Thank you God for his blessings, baby turned back to head down in the last mintues when I was ready to go into the operation theater and I requested to cancel the operation and to go home.

I am now a mother of a five months old healthy happy baby boy. I can’t thank you enough for Veronica’s books.Mrs Judy Manson (USA)


58.Joshua one of our faith clinic babies now a big boy. All glory to God!

Joshua and mum! Ada Thank you for updating us on how Joshua is doing. God bless you more and more! You are Amazing! Very faithful-I love you ADA!


“With God all things are possible

Dear pastor Veronica God blesses you and your ministry. I want to share
my testimony with you and what God has used your book who said you are
too old to conceive and your faith clinic DVD especially “it is done”
and “after you pray you must receive” to do in my life.

4 years ago I had my womb removed in a major surgery. I thought it was
over for me, as I did not even have a child at this time.

One day after much prayer and crying out to God I goggled Christian
prayers on infertility and I found you. I emailed you Pastor and told
you my situation and asked you if there was hope for me.

You gave me words of hope and recommended your books and faith clinic
messages. I quickly bought these materials you recommended and started
reading and listening to your Faith clinic messages. Something shifted
in me as I listened to your voice. All of a sudden my spirit became
ignited with Gods fire and I declared myself a happy mother of

I never stopped thanking God for making me a mother of my
own child. I just spoke his word and gave thanks. Three and half months
from the day I caught Gods fire through your faith Clinic DVDs and your
books I confirmed my pregnancy.

Today I want to testify to you that God has done it. I have put to bed
a baby girl and I want you to know that God has used you to do great
things in my life. Please share my testimony to let others know that
with God all things are possible. I have also sent a thanks offering to
your ministry to help you continue to spread Gods word. Thank you
Pastor Veronica. Mrs Grace Appieje.” (52 Years)


60.Connie Bakgane-Komani -God has blessed me with a baby!

On the 14th September 2011 Connie Bakgane wrote: Good day Woman Of God. I’m truly thankful to God for you. May God richly bless your family.I would like to say I’m blessed because you allowed God to use you.

Today I’m almost 12 weeks pregnant and my faith has really been strengthened. 2years ago I had a miscarriage around this time. I had anxiety for a while but I realized that this baby was conceived by the power of The Holy Spirit, so I just need to plead the blood of Jesus and continue to Praise God for making me a joyful mother. I know my joy will be fulfilled.

Please continue the wonderful work you are doing. I am now saving up to buy the book “Blissful Pregnancy”
I’m truly blessed because I met you while looking for answers from God. I continue to Praise God for what He has done for me.
Please continue to pray for me, I get anxious at times like tomorrow we are going for the 12 weeks scan. I love you Pastor V. Thank you again and sorry for the long msg. I really appreciate your impartation into my life.
Cape Town, South Africa

This is connies baby in this picture with her dad! All glory to God!

This is connies baby in this picture with her dad! All glory to God!

61. God has blessed me with a baby girl

Hello Pastor Veronica,
I will like to share my testimony of answered prayers. I have delivered a baby girl. She was born in December, two hours in labour.
God has done it! Thanks for your support and allowing God to use you through the powerful teachings. I will call you this week also.
Regards, Rhoda

Rhoda’s daughter

Rhodas baby
Rhoda’s daughter


62. I am pregnant at Last
Hi Veronica, I have been meaning to write you for weeks now, and your e-mail today was a reminder.

I have wonderful news, I am pregnant! I will be 31 weeks on Friday. I had a very tough first few months, but all is well.

In the first trimester my doctor had told me a few times, that things don’t look good and that I have a 10% chance of having a viable pregnancy…but GOD IS GREAT!! My mouth and mind were filled with verses from the Bible as you wrote in your books. I kept saying them out loud. Everything has turned around now and baby is okay.

I am so happy and grateful. We are having a little boy 🙂 I have attached a picture from a 4d ultrasound we had almost a month ago.

I know I have been in your prayers and thank you. I hope you and your family are well.
Love, Mary.

63. Pastor Veronica with baby Luise



64.I Got My Period Back After 5 Years Of Not Seeing IT!

Good day Pastor,
Please I want you to agree with me as I believe the ALMIGHTY GOD for the fruit of the womb this month. I don’t want any period this month. Let it be pregnancy. I have bought your book titled “Who says you are too old to be conceive” and that is what I am using now.
Before I bought the book, I was not seeing my PEROID- but the first month I used the book praying especially from chapter 15-my period flowed very, very well. I also need you to pray on the anointing oil for me. Every power of delay is broken in Jesus Name Amen. (Mrs EE London)
Veronica says: This testimony should encourage all of us to believe in the word of God and speak it out boldly in faith. Invest in the books and use them wisely to get your blessing. Do not look for shortcuts.
Educate yourself and know how to pray effectively from His word. Many times the reason why people experience delay in their manifestations is that they are not praying the Word of God properly.

The books God has enabled me to write will teach you how to pray the promises of God effectively into your situation and you will always get the right result in Jesus name.

Imagine using the book for just one month and her period restored- God will do the same for you too in Jesus name. No matter what you are believing God for speaks His word only and He will glorify His name in your life. We all believe with Esther that this month is pregnancy for her in Jesus name.


65. God who answers by fire gave me this baby by faith in His name

Doctors said I could only conceive through IVF. I watched Veronica’s teaching on TV- Then visited the faith clinic in April 2002 by end of May I was pregnant. Just one month after visiting the Faith Clinic. I will encourage any woman who wants a baby to look up to Jesus. Visit the faith Clinic and get the powerful word that God is teaching through Pastor Veronica. If He did it for me, He will do it for you too. This is baby Samuel. He is a big boy now.

Mrs. Beverly Wilvile


66.Your Books and faith clinic messages have helped me overcome ignorance and Barrenness!

Dear Pastor,

I am so grateful for the day I discovered your website -indeed I will never forget that day. In desperation I was searching the net for messages that can help me stand after all the medical reports I have from the best hospitals in my country concerning conceiving a baby. I had lost all hope and when I read testimonies in your blog that faithful day I knew there was still hope for me.

I read your books “Who says you are too old to conceive and secret to a blissful pregnancy. With the message in these books I now know it is already done. Motherhood is my heritage in God.

Everything about me has change, the way I think, the way I look at life is different and I want to testify to the Glory of God that anyone who has lost all hope should get your books and faith clinic messages and listen to them.

My testimony of what God has done to me through your messages and books is at the corner. Until I read the book secret to a blissful pregnancy I did not know that Hannah had multiple births – three boys and two girls were born to her in a day. What a Big God.
God bless you Pastor for all you have done!

67. Pastor I Am Pregnant
Dear Pastor Veronica I just delivered the books for your sister-in-law and I got mine. The blissful pregnancy book. I want to tell you I am pregnant, just six weeks after getting your books. Please join me to thank Jesus for a Wonderful birthday present. Chinenye Coluso (Nigeria)

68.Baby Reene Eweka A Miracle Baby indeed! All glory to God!
69. I have overcome miscarriage by the Grace of God!

My wife bought the book on Why all the miscarriages and sent to her sister in Africa. Upon reading it she managed to have a baby after having had several miscarriages previously. The sister also lent the book to a friend in same situation of having miscarriages, this friend also ended up to have a baby after applying the principles from your book! Oh God Why all the miscarriages!

Please keep writing these books, they deliver what the cover promises. By the way my wife has also ordered another book on miscarriages due to popular demands from her friends. May the Lord add more revelation knowledge to you.

Dickson Mbaulu

. Betty writes March 25, 2010 at 8:36 am




I feel very happy to have got this site. I just wanted encouraging message from biblical women who had difficulty conceiving. I have had two miscarriages; one in October 2009 and another February 2010. Now I was wondering what next as I am really praying for healthy pregnancies and babies. I thank God for letting me get to Veronica’s information and about the books she has written. Thank you Veronica. Betty





yolanda (2)





76. God Who gives CHILD has done it for us!
Dear Veronica,

My name is Acquanita Thorpe My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 2 years. At the present we have one daughter who is seven years old. We began infertility treatments in October 2011. After time and time of no results I somehow stumbled upon you web page searching the Internet. In June I ordered and read your book “Woman, You Are Not Infertile”. After reading it I discontinued infertility treatment and stood on the promises of the Lord’s Word. In early August I found out I was pregnant and pregnant! Imagine the excitement. That means I got pregnant after standing on God’s Word for just 1 cycle. His Word is true! Thank you for revealing his promises to me and my family.

Hello Pastor Veronica,



Just wanted to send you a picture of my miracle. Elijah Mustapha Thorpe. He weighed 7 lbs 11 oz 20 inch long.

Thank you so much for everything!!! Acquanita


Dear Pastor Veronica,
I am so, so happy to inform you that the Lord had bless me with the fruit of the womb. I want to thank you for your Books and Faith Clinic audio which you send for me they are what the lord had used to bless me. In December after going through HSG the doctor said my tubes were blocked and that i should undergo operation in January this year but that the success rate after the operation is 45% and he is not guaranting me that i would conceived after the operation. Then i realise that God is the only one who can handle this situation and i started reading books on supernatural conception and then it dawn on me that years backs i have seen testimonies of how God use your books to bless women with children that was how i google your books title and was able to get in contact with you and Got your books and audios from you in February. I missed my period this month barely a month after receiving your books and audios and to the Glory of God the pregnancy test proved positive. Thank you so much and may the Good Lord continue to bless and increase your ministry.( Mrs. F Rogers From Freetown)

78 Baby Emmanuel, My son, He too has grown so big. Chika thank you so much for updating us with Emmanuel’s progress. God bless you all in Jesus name!

chika 1




79. God Never Fails!
My precious spiritual daughter Maria in Italy Just gave birth to this miracle baby today! Last Year she lost a pregnancy-This year God has glorified His name in her life! For women out there who have lost a child-hold fast! God will do the same for you in Jesus name!

maria baby


80. Pastor Veronica and baby Kelly – she is such a big girl now

I recently spent a day with baby Kelly and she has just grown into a beautiful girl. For those of you praying and trusting God – keep on trusting Him. Kelly is one of those miracle babies. Helen cried many tears for this child but God proved Himself faithful to Helen. He wiped her tears and gave her Kelly! Amazing God! He will do it for you too in Jesus name!

photo (4)



81. God has done it for me Pastor

Pastor, I am so, so happy to inform you that the Lord had bless me with the fruit of the womb. I want to thank you for your Books and Faith Clinic audios which is what the Lord had used to bless me. Last year after going through HSG the doctor said my tubes were blocked and that I should undergo operation in January this year but that the success rate after the operation is 45%-50 and he is not guaranteeing me that I would conceive after the operation. Then I realise that God is the only one who can handle this situation. I decided not to proceed with the operation.

I had earlier seen your website and read testimonies of how God use your books to bless women with children. I said if God did it for them why not me? I immediately ordered your books and faith clinic messages and slept inside them. I listened to the faith clinic messages even at night while sleeping. I must confess -this did a great deal in my life to build my faith. After a while my husband started enjoying them with me.

I missed my period this month barely two month after receiving your books and audios and to the Glory of God the pregnancy test proved positive. Thank you so much and may the Good Lord continue to bless and increase your ministry. Bose Adeyemi (Lagos Nigeria)
82. God has blessed Me With the Fruit of the Womb-
Giving me victory over scar tissues and endometriosis in my womb


Pastor Veronica, I thank God for you!
Look what God has done for me. My baby has just been born.
You told me God will do it! When I doubted –you stood your ground.
I obeyed you and got all the books and faith clinic messages you recommended.
Today I glorify God. He has taken my shame among women.
A bouncing baby boy from the womb they said was filled with scar tissues and endometriosis!
All Glory to God! Thank you
(Pastor Betty Jeremiah IGE )

83. Oluwatobi Haron


Thank you Aunty Vero for praying for me. God has taken barreness away from my life. My son has been born safely. I will never forget you. Thank you! Tina Haron


84. Miracle working God has glorified His name in my life By giving me children in old age!

For twenty years I looked for the fruit of the womb without success. Them my brother in-law bought me Pastor Veronica,s books and faith clinic messages. He told me to call Pastor Veronica also.

When I called Pastor, she prayed with me and told me to rest and read the books and listen to the faith clinic messages in rest and peace in Gods love for me.

When I read Who Said You are Too Old To Conceive? My faith in God was restored. The faith clinic messages gave me faith to believe in a living God again.

two months exactly after getting pastor Veronica s materials I became pregnant. on the 27th of December 2010, I gave birth to my first born son. six months later I was pregnant again with me 2nd son. God opened my womb and gave me two in a roll. Now my hands are filled with children and the twenty years of waiting have been wiped away by Gods goodness.

Please sisters, get the books and the faith clinic messages by Pastor Veronica. This is good materials from Gods word. The faith clinic messages thought me things I never knew before and as I listened to them over and over again my faith grew so strong to believe God again when all hopes have been lost in the physical realm.

Thank you Pastor Veronica. God bless you and your family. May your ministry grow more and more and may your voice reach more women like me and open their womb to the glory of God in Jesus name. (Antonia)

Antonia And Her 2nd Boy

Antonia,s First son


Antonia And Her 2nd Boy

85. I am Pregnant!
Hi Sister Veronica, Just wanted to let you know that I found out that I was Pregnant when I had a doctor’s appointment last Thursday. I wasn’t surprised because I have been confessing the word over myself and for my baby boy I desire. After you prayed with me at the faith clinic, I continued to read the books and say the prayers in the book every day.

Your books are very powerful. I am holding on to the prophesy you gave me back in the end of July that I will have a testimony and by that time next year my child will be born. Glory to God!!! It is done NOW! Thank you for your prayers and I will keep in touch with you. May God continue to bless and prosper you.
Your sister in Christ, Tina Akin

86. Through the power of HIS WORD we have triumphed over impotence!
For six years my husband was impotent. The best doctors in America tried to help, none could. I finally confided in my sister, Veronica what I was going through. It was the day she finished the book “triumph Over Impotence”. Quickly ordered the book and we started the prayers that same day. By the end of that month I was pregnant. I know without a doubt that God is faithful and that Jesus is Lord. Trust him and he will not fail you. MRS IJ (USA)

87. God Has granted me my Visa and leave to remain
In June this year my mom ordered the book ‘will you let God handle your immigration case’by Veronica Anusionwu as I was having trouble with my stay in this country. Within a few months I got a call from my solicitor telling me that the home office had granted me a stay.
I just want to thank you and thank God for what he has done for me. May the lord bless you. Tebago

88. Fibroid Healed By Gods Word
I recently bought veronicas book on Triumph Over growths that occur in the womb. Pastor Veronica also shared her testimony of how God healed her from fibroids in her womb. I believed Gods word and claimed this testimony in faith for myself. And today I went in for surgery to remove fibroids in my womb and to God be the glory nothing was found. God had done surgery and removed it all by himself. I praise God! Jessica

89. Baby Amanda Holland


With men it is impossible-but with God all things are possible.

I came across Pastor Veronica,s website by chance. I stayed in it for days just reading the testimonies and watching the messages. something in me said “buy the books now” I did.

when I read the books I learnt what Gods word is all about. I stayed in those books and read and read and prayed the promises of God. Today-look what God has done for me and my family. before I got the books I was not even seeing my period anymore.
when I began to speak the word of God my period came back and within a few months I got pregnant.

Thank you Pastor Veronica for giving me this gift of life through the word of the living God. Your books were an eye opener for me. I love you.

(Mrs Emily Holland)
90.God has done it -I have been trying to conceive for the past 7 years.

Good afternoon Pastor

I want to thank God for using you to bring hope to the weary, may God abundantly bless you. My first child is 10 and I was trying to conceive for the past 7 years. I thought I could never have a child again. But after finding your website and receiving emails and your books, I learned to trust God and stand on His promises for my life. Now I am excited to announce that I have a 6 month old gorgeous baby boy, his name is Omogolo (God is great). All praises be unto God of our salvation. Thanks.

(South Africa)

91. Baby Boy Blessing After my fallopian Tubes were removed
I was introduced to Pastor Veronica by one of her ministry team, at a very trying time in my life. I had just lost a baby and my fallopian tubes taken away also. When Funke told me about pastor I want to see her and she encouraged me and told me to trust God completely. I got some of the books and the anointed oil. When i started reading “woman you are not infertile “I could not drop it. I was amazed at Gods love and goodness through this book.
I attended the faith clinic that month and it was at that meeting that God met me.

It was Pastor Veronicas birthday and we were all praying for her. As we prayed the power of God fell on Pastor and the anointing was so heavy. Pastor called every woman to come and join her and we surrounded her and began to pray with her. As she reached out she held my hand I just knew I will be pregnant. And that’s exactly how it happened. By the end of the following month I was pregnant.

I am expecting a baby boy in December 2013. What a mighty God we serve. The books and the faith clinic messages are good.
Get then and use them. God is indeed using Pastor Veronica to change the destiny of woman looking for the fruit of the womb.
God also used Pastors book, By faith I receive my God Given job to give my husband a job.

Mummy we love you and say thank you! You are a true mother in Israel. Accept our love and thanksgiving seed in Jesus name.
Mrs Ify Olatunji

92.God Who Gave me the fruit of the womb God Will Do it For You TOO!

I walked out of the doctor’s office that faithful Thursday afternoon.
My heart was heavy. It was my 3rd failed IVF treatment. both My tubes were blocked. My heart was spinning. My world was caving in on me.
Little did I know that day will be my turning point. I came home and switched on the telly. There was Pastor Veronica sharing about these books she had written. Suddenly my hope revived. I picked up the phone and called her.

Luckily for me again the following Saturday was her faith clinic. She invited me to come down to the meeting. I went along with faith in my heart.

When I got there I bought her books, the old faith clinic messages and I soaked myself in God’s word. That was the end of infertility in my life. By my second visit to faith clinic I was pregnant. Today I am a happy mother of a beautiful baby girl. May God be glorified for ever more!

No matter where you have been –do not give up. God’s word still works. Buy the books and faith clinic messages. They are powerful. Listen to Pastor Veronica as she teaches you Gods word in a new light. Your faith will be lifted and you will break through like it did for me.

God bless you my fellow sisters in Christ. God will do it for you too. Amen! (Mrs Nma Nwokoro )

Good morning ma, I’m Imaobong Atta from Nigeria. I read your book, “Who Said You Are Too old to conceive” and today I am 4 months gone believing for a son. Thank you for such a great book. God bless you Ma
Imaobong Atta (Nigeria)

We Are Blessed With A SON
94. God is good, I come across your website last year, we believed God’s word for the fruit of the womb and He has fulfill it in our life, we are blessed with a baby boy on August 13, 2013. Help me celebrate the goodness of God in our life. (BITRUS & HALIMA from NIGERIA).

95. Shalom Pastor Veronica,

Recently I was blessed by the purchase of your book Secrets to a blissful pregnancy & pain free childbirth. Our daughter is pregnant with their second child and we are believing Abba for a biblically pain free childbirth. Our daughter’s first birth was induced and delivery happened in 3 very traumatic hours ending with her placenta being physically removed by the hand of the midwife. Our daughter endured terrible tearing as a result. Praise God she has healed and overcome her fear of falling pregnant again and is due in January 2011. We have been praying through your wonderful book and are looking forward to welcoming the gift from our Father’s hand into our family.
Your book has been an answer to prayer as both my daughter Megan and I know God’s intention is for childbirth to be a joyful blessing of bliss and painlessness, its just we don’t know what that looks like yet. We know our Lord is faithful and He was with our Megan every step of the way through her first pregnancy and delivery as there were a number of complications that were overcome in Him.

Again thank you for your obedience and servant heart, we are one of many you are giving hope to through your intimate relationship with our Lord.

May He enlarge your territory and stretch out your tent pegs.

In awe of Him
Veronica Dorman

96.My Sperm Count Is Back To Normal

Pastor Veronica

May God bless you. I have good news, I went for semen analysis test 12 days after I started using the prayer from your book, Man You are not infertile. Yesterday the doctor phoned and said the report shows my sperm count is back to normal and they will have another confirmation test in 2 weeks time. My wife is speechless. Keep me in prayers for my final confirmation test.

God bless you Pastor for your good work. I will always support your work with my seed in Jesus name.
TM Michael (London)

97.God Bless Your Good Work

Tai says, “Good Morning Veronica May this email meet and greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. Veronica, this morning I thank the Lord with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my might. You see I am 41 years old and have had 2 miscarriages in the past. I was told by doctors I would not be able to conceive naturally. On 8th January my partner and I got married. Still, I believed doctors were right that we could never conceive and on 19th January a pregnancy test confirmed, Paul and I are pregnant! Praise be to God!!! This morning as I lit my candle to pray, I searched the internet for ‘prayers for pregnant women’ and I found you! Blessed are those who have faith! I just wanted to email you and say ‘please continue your good works, let your light shine so that others may see your good work and know you are a child of God’. I hope you will add me, so we may have a new friendship built on respect and love, with a commonality of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please have a blessed day. Much love. A blessed and Happy Tai. Amen xxx

98.Pastor Veronica and Baby Malaya

photo_3 (2)

photo_3 (2)

maria baby.jpg22

*******************************************************************99.I want recently to visit IRENE one of our faith clinic mothers. God blessed her with TWINS a boy and girl at 54years of age. What a mighty God we serve!
Pastor Veronica with TWINS (Michael and Rachel)

Baby Blessing at 54Years

Baby Blessing At 54 years ******************************************
100.Pastor Pastor Veronica at Rhoda,s Baby dedication last week.

Pastor Veronica at Rhoda,s Baby dedication last week.

photo_3 (5)

photo_1 (8)


2014-02-14 22.10.12

2014-02-14 22.10.07

103****************************************************************photo_4 (5)



aminta 1


104. God Has blessed Susan with A beautiful Baby Girl



Conis New Baby

Conis New Baby

CONI WILL WRITE HER testimony when she is ready. This baby is a sign of Gods faithfulness which never fails. We have stood in faith all the way for her to have this baby perfect and healthy yesterday morning. So many negative reports were coming forth and Coni kept saying “Pastor why is God not answering me”. I keep saying to her “Coni stay in His word. His word will not fail you. Yesterday the baby came forth and was perfect. All glory to God. If you are praying Gods words have total faith in it. His word will never fail you. I love you all and I am praying for you daily.